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Why do we choose Avigilon?

At Secure Shield Enforcement Solutions, we utilize an enterprise CCTV system through Avigilon. The retail industry has its own unique video security needs and there are a few factors that you just shouldn’t compromise on — high-quality imaging, controlled access to employee-only areas and a system that can help detect events you may have otherwise missed.

The Avigilon Control Center software is designed to help you spot which events may need further investigation so that you can take action. Using video analytics, the interface highlights motion in blue, analytic events in teal and alarms in red, making it easier for you to direct your attention to where it matters most. You can also stay connected to your video security system even when you’re not at the store with the Avigilon Mobile app.

At Secure Shield Enforcement Solutions, we offer a broad range of video security cameras/systems so that you can build a system that meets your unique needs. Whether it’s ensuring employees are following proper procedures or monitoring the flow of cash going in and out of each register. High-quality video can serve as evidence to improve theft prevention. When an event does occur, knowing what happened based on clear video evidence can be a useful tool to guide your response.

Protecting sensitive areas can be critical to ensuring your assets are secure and your employees are accounted for. To meet these needs, our Access Control system allows you to restrict access to sensitive areas. This helps ensure employees stay within their designated work zones and only authorized personnel are permitted. Additionally, our Access Control system integrates with video management software, which allows you to search for a person using their cardholder information to view video clips of door activity. At Secure Shield Enforcement Solutions, we offer all of these products and features at an affordable price.

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