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What is an Investigation & How Can It Help Your Business?

Technology plays an important part in investigations involving civil litigation, documenting employee’s job performance and in criminal cases. Camera surveillance gives the investigator information that could assist in interrogations, civil suits, potential criminal activities and upholding the company’s policy and procedures.

Camera surveillance allows the investigator to gather intelligence about thefts in businesses, employees abusing leave benefits, customers stealing product while shopping. Camera surveillance allows the investigator to catch incidents in real time and to go back and review past behavior in order to solidify the case.

An investigation may take a few minutes to months depending on the involvement of the particular incident. Camera surveillance adds specific information, detailed times and locations and when documented correctly can enhance law enforcement cases, civil cases and assist in employee disputes.

An investigation can be multi-faceted and very complex. Camera Surveillance is an excellent tool that can be utilized to assist in all investigation.

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