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The Importance of CCTV Maintenance

Why is maintenance of CCTV so important? Every business is susceptible to the possibility of a break-in, and CCTV is an important safeguard that cannot be undervalued. But a surveillance system is only as good as the maintenance and upkeep it is given. Prevention is better than the cure, and it's always best to frequently monitor the functionality of your cameras. For example, if they were to fail during a break-in, you would regret not taking these steps as the footage would not be collected. Additionally, if you are trying to claim from insurance companies and it emerges that you have not kept on top of the CCTV maintenance, this could make insurers less willing to give you a payout for damages and losses.

Despite most CCTV cameras being of high quality, they are still liable to suffer glitches, which can make the system not as effective. Maintenance can identify most technical problems and fix them in a timely fashion. Over time, the layout of your building can change, along with locations of cash registers or other desirable items. Therefore, the current setup of your camera system may not be as useful as it once was, and will need to be reviewed or adjusted. What is the best way to maintain a CCTV system? At Secure Shield Enforcement Solutions, we recommend to keep a record of any maintenance actions you take. If you take the time to give your surveillance system cameras a quick check every week/month, it could save you a lot of hassle in the future. Keeping the camera lenses clean will prevent any build up of grime that could hinder the performance of the device. Check for growth of foliage, ensuring t that it has not grown to a degree where it blocks any lenses. Also look out for any cables that are showing signs of wear and tear. And remember to frequently survey the quality of the images and power supply to devices.

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