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Security Camera Systems vs. Live Security Monitoring

In today's society a mere security camera system is not enough to prevent, capture, or notify law enforcement of potential security breach in personal homes, small businesses, or large corporations. A security camera is a small deterrent against crime as the camera feed is not reviewed until an crime unfortunately occurs. This security camera can be reviewed but no one is notified until after the incident.

In order to protect homes and businesses, it is necessary to have live security staff monitoring person homes, businesses, and corporations. These highly trained individuals are monitoring for suspicious activity, unusual vehicles in the area, and unauthorized subjects on or around the property. According to American Police Beat, the normal response time for law enforcement ranges anywhere from 13 to over 15 minutes. When a camera is watched by a live security camera monitoring service, this response could be greatly decreased. As a suspicious activity is monitored, the notification to the nearest law enforcement is made immediately. This immediate notification can decrease law enforcement response time, lower property damage, and possibly even save a human life.

Security cameras alone will not lower insurance rates. In order to get any type of discount, security cameras must be monitored to lower costs. Insurance companies know that the sooner law enforcement is notified, the sooner assistance will be rendered and both the individual and business will prosper.

Remember, live security monitoring services offer a sense of relief and peace of mind. We are watching your property and family as if they were our own.

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