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  • Matthew Mckelvey

Not All Security Officers Are Equal

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

With as many security companies and types of security contracts out there, each requires and attracts Security Officers with different skillsets and mindsets. Security contracts all come with different duties and expectations, with safety of patrons and employees always being of the utmost priority. With that being said, not all security companies have the same mindset and way of maintaining safety. The security officer is often times the first and last person the customer or client will interact with. In order to ensure the customer and client both have a positive lasting impression, security officers must adhere to the utmost level of professionalism, honesty, and strong work ethic. There are some companies out there that do not hire based on the above criteria, and instead rely solely on the ability to fill a position with a body, regardless of the ability to provide an excellent level of customer service. The position of security officer, regardless of the property in which they are securing, should only be offered to the highest caliber of individuals that are able to maintain the high level of customer service while not sacrificing the safety and security of all employees, company property, and patrons of the business.

Time and time again, we have heard from clients the horror stories of previous security companies and the poor quality of security officers that are in the industry. Poor quality security officers are not only a representative of their security company, but to the customer, they are also a reflection of the business in which they are securing. Businesses should never settle for poor quality security officers that do not maintain the duties and responsibilities of the company in which they are hired to protect.

Secure Shield Enforcement Solutions prides itself on only hiring and staffing individuals that prove themselves to meet the highest level of safety and customer service. Our security officers stand above the rest in terms of professionalism, work ethic, positive attitude, and those that go the extra mile for our customers. While other security companies are only worried about staffing properties to meet contractual obligations, at SSES we strive to go the extra mile for our clients to meet and exceed all expectations.

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