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FMCSA New update: ClearingHouse

It almost feels tho the Federal Motor Carrier Safety administration is always setting out to implement new rule each year. Employers as well as CDL drivers already have a enough fee's to pay just to be able to be an over the road driver!

"What is Clearinghouse" you might ask. Clearinghouse is a department in FMCSA that will house and protect the database on CDL drivers's drug and alcohol program violation's. Which is reported by the employers and the MRO's ( Medical Reviewing Officer).

Clearinghouse will keep driver information secure, by having driver disclose their information first before an employer will be able to conduct a back ground check on the drivers license. Individuals who will be able to view records are employers that have created a log in for clearinghouse, as well FMCSA personnel. Drivers will also be able to access their own information by access thru the portal once they have signed up and created a profile

Starting October 2019, clearinghouse & FMCSA has opened registration to help prepare for implementation for both drivers and employers. with its main goal being to increase safety on all roads across the U.S. Starting January 6, 2020 all employer's and drivers will have to register to Clearinghouse due to being mandated by congress (MAP-21, Section 32402). All who have to sign up will be:

- Drivers who hold commercial drivers license (CDLs) or Commercial permits (CLPs)

- Employers of CDL drivers who operate commercial motor vehicles (CMVs)

- Consortia/Third party administrations (C/TPAs)

- Medical Review Officers (MROs)

- Substance abuse professionals (SAPs)

- State drivers licensing agencies (SDLAs)

The program was created to help limit and make background checks easier. Employers will still follow companies protocol on background checks on drivers, but by January 6, 2020 it will be eliminated, and done thru the portal. Violations will remain in the drivers profile for 5 years, unless the Return-To-Duty and follow up testing has not been completed then it'll stay indefinitely. Only violations that will be reported are going to be drug & alcohol testing negative results (so for all those parking tickets you have pilling up, you are safe! for now...)

With being able to register on October 2019, there are Query plans employers can go thru (and here are where fee's start kicking in!) Since employers will have to do annual check up on drivers. There are plans to choose from, first on the list will be the Unlimited Query Plan which you'll have to cough up $24,500 for a year member ship with unlimted Query's. If you are a small company, you can go with option B the Individual Plan. The individual Plan is $1.25 per driver (but you can call and get a bundle deal).

For any questions or additional information you can head over to or email

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