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Don't Take Chances With Your Cash and Other Valuables

What is the value of your assets? At Secure Shield Enforcement Solutions, armored transportation is an important part of a larger cash services offering. In the booming and now legal marijuana industry, security solutions are very important. With cannabis not reaching federal legalization yet, most companies are only able to do business as "cash only". As you can imagine, this poses a great security risk. Not only is cash a great risk for the industry, but also product. In some cases, an ounce of product in the cannabis industry can be worth more than an ounce of gold. With Secure Shield Enforcement Solutions, we offer safety and security at minimal cost. Secure Shield Enforcement Solutions cash services are more affordable than most business owners might expect. Depending on the frequency of your armored transportation service the daily costs can be minimal. You can also expect a reduction in your insurance premium with your insurance company because you reduced your own personal risks. What is the value of your time and safety? By hiring an armored transportation service, you are not only securing your assets but also protecting your safety and your employees' by refraining from moving your own cash unprotected. In addition, you are saving time that can be better spend focusing on your business and customers. Indeed, you can save much more in time and payroll by having employees concentrate on their daily tasks and serving your customers, instead of going back and forth to your financial institution twice a week to make deposits and get change, all without protection. Talk about risky business!

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