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Sabastian Tremayne Littlejohn (pictured) has been charged in relation to the dispensary robbery on January 8th, 2020, but at least four more suspects could still be at large.

According to the Denver Police Department, Littlejohn, 25, along with four other masked men robbed a Denver dispensary, and left with cash and product after holding store employees at gunpoint. Investigators believe that the group could be tied to at least seven more robbery attempts.

DPD detectives found Littlejohn's fingerprints on a white grocery bag at the dispensary according to his arrest affidavit. He's charged with one count of second-degree kidnapping, five counts of aggravated robbery, one count of possession with intent to manufacture or distribute a controlled substance, and one count with being a special offender.

Police continue to seek help from the public in identifying additional suspects.

Until these additional suspects are caught, cannabis industry employees are encouraged to stay on high alert! Staying attentive, observant and aware are ways to reduce risk while these criminals are still at large. Cannabis businesses and staff members should have security procedures in place and follow them strictly to lessen their chances of being a robbery target. These procedures can include:

1. Perimeter Checks

  • Opening managers should ensure the front and back doors of the facility are secured before entering the building.

  • Opening managers should keep an eye on the parking lot before they enter the facility to ensure there are not any vehicles with individuals watching the area.

If either door is not secured or suspicious individuals appear to be present, management should call law enforcement before entering the building.

2. Door Security

  • Upon entering the facility, the opening manager should lock the front door behind them and keep it locked until a second employee arrives on property.

3. Customer Check-In

  • All customers should remove hats and hoods during the check-in process to ensure a camera records the best possible shot of the guest's face.

  • All customers should be asked to remove all weapons including knives or guns prior to entering the facility. Guns should always be returned to the customer's vehicle.

  • Any customer with a bulky jacket should be reviewed to ensure no weapons are being hidden.

  • All backpacks should be kept in the receptionist's office or check-in area. If your facility does not have a check-in area large enough to hold back packs, customers should be asked to return their backpack to their vehicle.

  • Customers should never be allowed to take pictures of the dispensary's doors, cameras, or general areas.

4. Cash Handling

  • Keep cash on hand or cash in drawers to a minimum - do drops often.

  • Make sure cash handling areas are located away from entrances and exits.

  • Avoid preparing bank deposits at night.

  • Place large bills in a safe that is out of sight.

  • Don't carry money in bags that make it obvious you're carrying cash or that are marked with the company logo.

  • Make deposits with a co-worker if possible. The co-worker should face away from the depository to keep an eye on people in the area.

  • Vary the time for preparing deposits.

5. Panic Buttons

  • If your store has not already, invest in panic buttons to allow for a discreet, quick way to alert emergency services in a crisis situation.

  • All employees should be aware of where their nearest panic button is located.

  • Training on how and went to use a panic button should be conducted at least biannually.

6. Security Guards

  • If your facility employs a security officer, they should be off their cell phone, alert and awake.

  • Things like poor uniform etiquette and sloppy body posture can give the impression that your guard is unprepared or incapable of intervening during an event.

  • Guards should be licensed and should receive regular training on how and when to use their firearm if they have one.

If someone tries to rob your store…

  • Play it safe. Don’t be a hero. Cooperate; give up the money or product and don’t resist.

  • Even if you cannot see a weapon, assume that there is one.

  • Stay calm and cautiously observe as much as possible about the robber.

  • Don’t lock the door to keep the robber from leaving. A person who feels trapped is more likely to panic and become violent.

  • If you do not understand what the robber is telling you to do, ask for clarification.

  • Avoid surprises. Keep your hands in sight and don’t make any sudden moves.

  • Don’t chase or follow the robber.

Remember! Safety is a TEAM EFFORT

  • Educate everyone in the workplace about these security requirements

  • Always keep the communication lines open with your co-workers, or employees in order to promote and maintain a safe environment.

  • Be aware of your surroundings and immediately notify others of any (new or old) hazards that you perceive

  • Be conscious as to what others are doing around you.

  • Be ALERT and AWAKE on the job

Anyone with information on the recent dispensary robberies are asked to contact Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at 720-913-7876. Those who call the tip line can remain anonymous and are eligible for an award of up to $2,000.

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