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Beware of Porch Pirates this Holiday Season

Tis the season for extra shopping, sending, and receiving gifts. Packages are being left on porches and doorsteps. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals to assist with all those packages. This is also the time when people are on vacation and thus homes are left unattended. On average, larceny is 22 percent higher in December. According to national statistic, an average of 80 incidents of robbery occur in the month of December.

Live camera monitoring can be a deterrent against people stealing from porches or doorsteps. With a good camera system, as soon as someone unauthorized to be on the porch or doorsteps is observed, law enforcement can be notified. Cameras are fine but if no one is observing them, they can only be checked after the theft has occurred. Live monitoring agents can notify law enforcement as soon as the theft is occurring and the possibility of finding the individuals are much higher. Let's stop these "porch pirates" from stealing and ruining the holidays for family and friends!

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