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  • Matthew Mckelvey

Are you getting the best from your security provider?

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

There is no shortage of security companies out there, each with their own mission and company goals. Not all security companies are created equal, and not every one

will meet a customer's needs and expectations in the same way, if at all. When a business is looking for a security company, they should not only keep in mind bottom line costs, but also how the security company will meet and exceed the client's expectations while delivering the highest level of customer service. Security companies and their officers should strive to mirror the mission statement of the company they are hired to protect, creating policies and procedures that fall in line with the expectations of the client. In order to achieve this, security companies should research their clients, talk with decision makers in the company and learn the expectations. The security company should then go above and beyond to meet and exceed their client's needs, always thinking of how they can improve on existing polices and recommend solutions to meet the customer's needs. The security officers are the front lines and the manifestations of the security company's mottos and mission statement. If the security company seems strong on paper and appears to meet every expectation of the client but the officers do not exude the same standards, the client should not settle for the apparent bait and switch from what was promised to what the client actually received. There are not shortage of security companies out there, so if you are not happy with the customer experience you are receiving, do not be afraid, there is a security company out there that shares your desire for success, safety, and customer service.

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