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5 Signs of a Bad Security Officer

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Security officers have a lot of power. The power to prevent criminals from attacking your business. The power to stop a customer or employee from stealing. And the power to leave your business at risk when they are not performing their job as they should. Having the right security officer is crucial to the appearance and safely of your business.

Here are 5 signs you are dealing with a bad security officer.

1. Poor Uniform Etiquette - An untucked shirt or jeans is your first red flag for a bad guard. Although it may be tempting to wear this attire, it does not instill confidence in the public. This might give the impression that your guard is unprepared or incapable of intervening during an event.

2. Sloppy Body Posture - If you see your guard leaning against a wall or with their hands in their pockets, this is a bad sign. Officers must be ready for the unexpected at any moment and cannot afford to distracted or lazy. Because they are expected to stand for long hours, maintaining proper body posture and balance can be difficult. A good guard must be awake and alert at all times.

3. Negative Biases - Just like every human, security guards have their own personal biases. They may think that all women are stuck up and bossy or may not be trusting of a certain race. Ensure that these biases do not apply to your customers or staff. You want to be able to trust your guards and give them orders that they follow immediately.

4. Wrong Personality or Temperament - Having a firm, unfriendly guard at a retail store is not going to be the right fit. Conversely, having a polite and accommodating guard at a property with high drug activity and prostitution is not going to be the best case scenario either. Make sure your guard has the right attitude for the location and is comfortable with the job.

5. Sleeping on the job - This one is obviously a sign of a BAD security officer. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing your security guard dozing off or sleeping. Guards can be expected to work odd hours and taking a short nap can be tempting. A good security officer must understand the importance of staying awake while at work. Security officers have a tough job to do and are entrusted with a lot of responsibility. The power of a quality security officer can mean all the difference when it comes to keeping your business, employees, and customers safe. A key factor is selecting a service company that can provide you with a licensed security officer that is right for your location. Always look for these five danger signs and replace any guards that don't seem to match the duties you expect for them to perform.

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