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5 Ways Your Business is Vulnerable to Theft

According to the American Society of Employers, businesses lose 20% of every dollar to employee theft. This can include theft of time, supplies, merchandise, and the most commonly, MONEY. With over 44% of workers saying their companies could do more to reduce fraud, and over 43% of workers admitting to stealing from their companies, now is the time to protect your business.

As these crime rates rise, it is more important than ever that companies consider the relatively small investment in video security equipment to protect themselves from this increasing activity.

Here are some of the many ways that a security system can protect your business:

1. Supply Theft

Products stored on a shelf in plain sight may not be a thief's best target, however stockrooms are typically out of sight and out of mind for a business manager. These areas are perfect targets for internal thieves. Fortunately, stockrooms are also one of the easiest places to install covert cameras that can help you identify where your supplies are going.

2. Productivity Loss

Websense has released studies that show business loss due to low productivity far outweighs more traditional means of theft. Extended conversations, extended breaks, and low accomplishment of tasks are examples of productivity loss and can be stopped with an investment in video security.

3. Office "Creepers"

An unfortunate byproduct of busy offices with lots of expensive technology lying around, is something called "office creepers". Office creepers will stroll right into the heart of any business and take their pick of laptops, monitors, printers, etc. A business equipped with surveillance video cameras in plain sight will deter a creeper and send them looking for less prepared facilities. 4. Fraudulent Claims

Some people make a career out of staging "slip and falls". Fortunately, many of these claims have been successfully disputed by businesses using CCTV cameras in public areas. It is extremely important that companies place surveillance cameras in areas of the business not accessible to the general public, where most claims of employee injuries occur. Video security cameras installed in these areas will help to put a stop to these claims and capture evidence to help protect the company. 5. Crimes Against Others

Inside any business, the company is not the only one with valuables. These days, both customers and employees enter a business equipped with a variety of items commonly targeted by thieves - including cell phones, laptops, cash, and person information. And as such, both customers and employees alike can become the unsuspecting target. Losing the trust of a company's employees and customers can do considerable harm to an otherwise successful business. It's impossible to be everywhere in a business at all times - but with video surveillance systems you can get very close. When items are missing and questions arise, a quick review of footage recorded sometimes weeks ago will uncover the facts, and enable you to take quick and decisive action.

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